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Orlando 60 is the creation of Jon Busdeker. A journalist with more nearly 15 years experience working in newspapers and television, Busdeker moved to Central Florida in 2010. Orlando 60 is a passion project for Busdeker who believes in good storytelling and the power of community.

Busdeker lives in College Park with his wife LeAnn Siefferman, their two dogs Hermoine and Cora and their cat Snuggles. 

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Ron's Miniature Shop sells really tiny things

Updated: Mar 7

ORLANDO, FL - Ron's Miniature Shop may be the cutest place in all of Central Florida.

The shop on West Colonial Drive near downtown Orlando sells everything you'd need for a doll house or other tiny projects. Inside the shop are rows of tiny chairs, small lamps, itsy-bitsy people and dozens of pre-built doll houses.

Co-owners Ron Mummert and Richard Laferriere began selling miniatures in 1989, first in Winter Park and then at the current location in Orlando. The shop doubles as a museum to the craft of miniatures.

Address: 751 W Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: (407) 841-9333

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